European Aluminium
European Aluminium, founded in 1981 and based in Brussels, is the voice of the aluminium industry in Europe. We actively engage with decision makers and the wider stakeholder community to promote the outstanding properties of aluminium, secure growth and optimise the contribution our metal can make to meeting Europe’s sustainability challenges. Through environmental and technical expertise, economic and statistical analysis, scientific research, education and sharing of best practices, public affairs and communication activities, European Aluminium promotes the use of aluminium as a material with permanent properties that is part of the solution to achieving sustainable goals, while maintaining and improving the image of the industry, of the material and of its applications among their stakeholders. Our 80+ members include primary aluminium producers; downstream manufacturers of extruded, rolled and cast aluminium; producers of recycled aluminium and national aluminium associations are representing more than 600 plants in 30 European countries. Aluminium products are used in a wide range of markets, including automotive, transport, high-tech engineering, building, construction and packaging. 

GDA Aluminium Industry Association
GDA is the association of the aluminium producing and processing industry in Germany. GDA members are companies that produce aluminium in primary smelters and recycling facilities and/or process aluminium. 

Industry Partners

Aluminium Centrum
The ALUMINIUM CENTRUM represents the aluminium branch in The Netherlands. It's core activities are coordinating promotion, research and education of aluminium. Main activities are extrusion, casting, trade, surface-treatment and machining of aluminium products for application in a wide range of consumer end-products and semi-finished products for architecture, construction, packaging, transport and automotive. 

Aluminium Danmark
Aluminium Denmark organizes as part of the Manufacturing Industry and the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) companies with aluminum as a strategic material. Aluminium Denmark initiate activities that involve, strengthen and develop the competitive advantage of the member companies in Denmark - knowledge sharing, export promotion and circular economy activities that highlights the material's unique properties. With the manufacturing industry and DI in the back, we focus on value creating partnerships with the industry innovation networks, education and knowledge institutions, and carry out activities that benefit companies in the industry. Through strong relationships with the industry's European Aluminium (EA) we ensure access to and influence on future legislation for the industry. 

Aluminium Stewardship Initiative
The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) is a global, multi-stakeholder, non-profit standards setting and certification organisation. It works toward responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminium following an entire value chain approach. To this end, ASI launched its Performance Standard and Chain of Custody Standard in December 2017. ASI continues to seek engagement with commercial entities and stakeholders in the aluminium value chain from across the world. Organisations interested in membership are encouraged to learn more about our membership structure and how to join. 

Bundesverband der deutschen Gießereiindustrie
The Federal Association of the German Foundry Industry (Bundesverband der deutschen Gießereiindustrie-BDG) in Düsseldorf is the industry organization of German foundry industry. BDG represents the interests of approximately 600 iron, steel and non-ferrous metal foundries with a total about 80,000 employees. BDG works in close cooperation with the technical-scientific German Foundrymen Association (Verein Deutscher Gießereifachleute-VDG), the German Non-Ferrous Metals Association (Wirtschaftsvereinigung Metalle-WVM) and the Foundry Technology Research Association (Forschungsvereinigung Gießereitechnik-FVG). 

CECOF - The European Committee of Industrial Furnace and Heating Equipment Associations (founded in 1972) is the respected voice and lobby organisation of the thermo processing industry in Europe. It incorporates about all relevant European manufacturers of this kind of equipment. CECOF represents its members' interests in economic as well as technical issues. 

CEMAFON - The European Foundry Equipment Suppliers Association (founded in 1972) is the respected voice and lobby organisation of the European manufacturers of foundry machinery, plants and products for the foundry industry. It incorporates the relevant national associations and as such all major manufacturers of foundry machinery and plants, furnaces and products for the foundry industry in Europe. 

The European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA) is the international body representing companies engaged in the rolling and rewinding of alufoil and in the manufacture of aluminium closures, alufoil semi-rigid containers and of all kind of flexible packaging. Its more than 100 members include companies in Western, Central and Eastern Europe. The association's activities on behalf of its members include the compilation and sharing of statistical information, market research, and promoting aluminium foil and developing the interests of the industry with third parties. Sustainability issues are also high on the agenda for both aluminium foil and flexible packaging. 

ESTAL, the European Association for Surface Treatment on Aluminium, promotes the interests of the aluminium anodisers and coaters at international level, contributes towards finding solutions to various issues linked with surface treated aluminium. The use of finished aluminium being multifaceted, ESTAL seeks to create a platform for all treatments and applications, implying a dialogue between the industry, its suppliers and users. ESTAL is the voice of the aluminium surface treatment industry in Europe and lets you know what is going on in the industry. 

EUnited Metallurgy
EUnited Metallurgy is the voice of the metallurgical plant and equipment industry in Europe. Founded in 2004, the European Metallurgical Equipment Association has meanwhile grown to a strong and active network of the leading European suppliers of plants, mechanical and electrical equipment, components, automation solutions and services. 

FUNDIGEX is the Spanish association for Foundries and Casting Equipment Manufacturers. Our mission is to promote and assist our member companies on international markets through the organization of trade delegations, joint participation on international fairs, organization of B2B meetings etc. FUNDIGEX also provides information about the associated companies and represents them on international forums and offers support with international legal and administrative issues. FUNDIGEX will shortly take the first steps to create a specific sub-association with the objective to represent the companies in the Aluminium sector internationally and assist them in their worldwide expansion. 

Global Aluminium Foil Roller Initiative
The Global Aluminium Foil Roller Initiative (GLAFRI) is the organization which coordinates worldwide actions to promote market development, stimulate innovation and present a unified approach to sustainability issues for the aluminium foil roller industry. Members benefit from being part of a vast global network of leading players, sharing ideas and solutions to common challenges, generate accurate market statistics and develop marketing initiatives for the industry. 

GSB International
GSB International is the first quality association for the coating of aluminium building parts world-wide. The independent testing of coating plants, coating material and pre-treatment chemicals according to the GSB quality regulations guarantees highest quality as per the state of the art and even beyond. GSB is a reliable partner for building contractors, architects and metal construction companies. 

International Aluminium Institute
The International Aluminium Institute is a global industry association representing over 60% of global bauxite, alumina and aluminium production. Through the IAI, the aluminium industry promotes a wider understanding of its activities ( and demonstrates both its responsibility in producing the metal and the potential benefits of its products in sustainable applications and through Recycling. 

QUALICOAT is a global quality label organisation committed to maintaining the quality of lacquering, painting and coating on aluminium and its alloys for architectural applications. Its registered office is situated in Zurich, Switzerland. QUALICOAT is the World’s leading quality label for the coating of aluminium. 

RAEA Russion Aluminium Extruders Alliance
The Russian Aluminium Extruders Alliance is the first in Russia professional organization of aluminum extruders, job coaters and anodizers; designers and manufacturers of materials and devices which are applied for painting, lacquering and coating of aluminum profiles; end-users of aluminium extrusions; equipment manufacturers; producers of tools and materials, control and management devices, which are used at any stage of the extrusion process. 

TALSAD “Turkish Aluminum Industrialists Association” has been established in 1971 and, developing in a short time, has become the sole spokesman of the Turkish Aluminum Industry. Today, TALSAD has 91 members under its roof. Today it represents almost 75% of the Turkish aluminum sector’s market due to the size of the member companies. 

TAMI was founded in November 1945. Throughout the past 71 years, TAMI has played a key role in the Taiwan machinery industries. The Machine Tools sector is the leading area of Taiwan’s machinery industry. Among those 2,600 members which TAMI has nowadays, there are more than 1,000 in the machine tools and related components sectors. TAMI is the most historical and leading manufacturers’ association of machinery in Taiwan, and treasures all the opportunities in offering the best support to its members with enthusiasm. 

The Association for the Surface Finishing of Aluminium e.V. (VOA) forms the industry network of companies in the surface finishing of aluminium and other materials. The core objectives are: Representation of companies' interests in the field of surface finishing in politics and business; technical industry network for members in cooperation with research and testing institutes, universities and associations; general licensee for the internationally recognised QUALANOD, QUALICOAT, QUALIDECO and QUALISTRIP quality marks; strong partner for training and further education. 
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